Sunday, 5 October 2008

John Renbourn - Another Monday lp 1966

A very controversial post this, because this is an actual album, which you can (and legally should) actually buy.

John Renbourn - Another Monday front cover

Basically I looked for this excellent album to download on the various blogs and using bittorrent and couldn't find it, so i bought a copy of this album. I think it was well worth the money, and you should think so too, in my opinion. Having said that, i am posting it here for the reason that i couldn't download it, so here's your chance if you want to download this album.

I guess this is under the proviso that if you do and you like it, you should buy it. Also, anybody who tells me to remove this download will find that i *will* do so as soon as i can, because this really is a breach of copyright, that's if someone were to download this and not buy the album. You get the idea. Enjoy it anyway!

It's very listenable fingerstyle british folk guitar with some guest singing and oboe et cetera, quite innovative at the time, this style is now considered to be a mainstay of the folk genre.

1. Another Monday
2. Ladye Nothinge's Toye Puffe
3. I Know My Babe
4. Waltz
5. Lost Lover Blues
6. One for William
7. Buffalo
8. Sugar Babe
9. Debbie Anne
10. Can't Keep from Crying
11. Day at the Seaside
12. Nobody's Fault but Mine

Here are some links for buying this album, by the way:

click on the link in the title to go to the download page. No password involved.